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NOW Jill Cederholm-Mairs Winter Training

NOW Jill Cederholm-Mairs Winter Training
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Jill Cederholm-Mairs is in her 3rd Season racing/ specializing in Mtb Bike/ Gravel Endurance events as well as 10 years of Coaching athletes.

Athletic Background includes: Former Collegiate Swimmer (4 yrs), Cross Country (1 yr), Former Elite Triathlete.

While working full time, a Mother, Wife and Coaching athletes I understand how valuable time is and managing it. My involvement in the Community and Charity work is very important to me and will remain involved in doing that on many levels. Growing the Sport of Cycling is something I am extremely passionate about and make the time for hosting clinics, beginner cycle classes, teach/ coach indoor classes to a wide range of abilities and ages, and lead a weekly outdoor ride.

Coaching athletes to best prepare them for their goals is a priority. Often times it goes beyond a training plan it encompasses a Team approach and working together. Balancing the athlete day to day responsibilities and creating an individual training plan to best meet their needs. Empower the athlete to Empower themselves is something I strive for.

While being a member of KUHL Cycling Team (based out of Utah) with Top 5 Pro/ Elite finishes in several endurance events. Below is a list of a few:

Leadville Race Series Austin Rattler (2015, 2016, 2017)
Leadville Race Series Tahoe Trail Mtb Bike Race (2016)
SPY Belgium Waffle Ride (2015 and 2016) Belgium Wafer distance (2017)
CHEQUAMEGON Fat Tire Mtb Race (2016 AND 2017- 2nd OVERALL/ 2013 7th OVERALL)
Dirt Fondo Fire Road (2014, 2015, 2017)
Campy San Diego Gran Fondo (2015)
Leadville Race Series 3 day Stage Race (2015, 2016, 2017)
Crushar in the Tushar Top 8 PRO/ Elite Female overall (2014/ 2015/and 2016)
Leadville 100 Mtb Bike Race 8th Female Overall 2016
Leadville 100 Mtb Bike Race- 1st Female to complete Leadville on a Fat Bike (9:25)
Oregon Epic Gravel (2014 AND 2016)
LUTSEN 99er (2017) 1st FAT BIKE/ 1st Masters/ 4th OVERALL FEMALE