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Bike Fitting Services


Dynamic Bike Fit and the Guru Experience  

Now Bikes offers Dynamic Fitting using the GURU Dynamic Fit Unit (DFU). Compared to traditional bike fitting practices, Dynamic Fitting focuses on fitting the rider and making adjustments while the rider is pedaling. Today’s bikes come in a variety of sizes, geometries, and numerous handlebar and stem combinations. Our bike fitting process takes into consideration each rider’s unique body biomechanics and in essence brings the bike to the rider rather than bringing the rider to the bike. This more modern method of bike fit is known as Dynamic Fitting. Bike fit professionals worldwide have accepted this as the preferred method of bike fitting, which is why Now Bikes has chosen the Guru Dynamic Bike Fit system.

The first bike fitting methods to be introduced were static bike fits. The traditional assumption was, riders with similar heights, inseams and arm lengths would ride the same bike in the same position. However, the static fit method doesn’t take into account a rider’s riding style, fitness, flexibility or overall body morphology. That’s where our philosophy of Dynamic Fitting comes in.

There are several Dynamic Fit systems available to professional bike fitters today. Most Dynamic Fit systems begin with a rider interview and then utilize one or more of the following: Dynamic (movement based) position adjustment, spin scan, video capture, spin scan, power evaluation and more.

The bike fitting is most commonly done on either the customer’s bike or a dynamic machine, such as the GURU Dynamic Fit Unit (DFU). Adjustments are either made manually to the bike or fit cycle and then the fitter looks to both data based reinforcement and feedback from the rider based on these new positions. The problem in the past has been the amount of time it takes to make changes to the bike. During the time it takes to change a handlebar, stem length or even adjust the saddle, the rider often doesn’t remember what the previous position felt like.

With the GURU Experience it’s all about precision, comfort and performance. All adjustments to the bike are done seamlessly. The rider never even stops pedaling. The fit position is recorded with a computer and the adjustments are made electronically with the touch of a button. With the GURU Experience, all previous positions can be recorded while the rider is on the bike, allowing the rider a real-time comparison of the changes made. Having the ability to let the rider compare positions assists in finding the perfect fit position. Because this system is ‘fluid’, the rider is able to notice even very small changes in fit positions on the bike (3mm to 5mm changes). The GURU Experience unites technological precision and captured feedback to create a personalized fit profile and bicycle configuration. Powered by a proprietary system of fitting tools, software and methodology, GURU aligns critical body and bike measurements to the millimeter in real-time, providing an infinite range of automated adjustments as well as tailored bike and component recommendations.

There are only a select few of these machines worldwide, so we at NOW are positioned to offer a great opportunity for the Midwest cycling community to ride with comfort, efficiency and greater performance. Paul Himmelman, Mike Bieber, Rich Sherman and Mike Johnson are F.I.S.T. and GURU Experience Certified. To schedule an appointment, please call 651-490-7709 (Arden Hills) or 651-644-2354 (St. Paul).

Guru Fit Price Menu

$300 ($200 credit with new bike purchase at NOW)

$400 ($200 credit with new bike purchase at NOW)


  • Flexibility assessment

  • Evaluation of current bike fit properties

  • Dynamic adjustment to rider position with multiple position captures

  • Saddle evaluation and positioning

  • Handlebar stack and reach adjustment

  • Cleat placement analysis and adjustment as required

  • Final fit output and data storage

  • Summary sheet with exact fit coordinates to modify new or existing bike

  • Recommendations of bikes most appropriate to your fit coordinates