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Guru Experience  

Now Bikes offers Dynamic Fitting using the GURU Dynamic Fit Unit. Compared to traditional bike fitting practices, Dynamic Fitting focuses on fitting the rider and making adjustments while the rider is pedaling. 

Today’s bikes come in a variety of sizes, geometries, and numerous handlebar and stem combinations. Our bike fitting process takes into consideration each rider’s unique body biomechanics and in essence brings the bike to the rider rather than bringing the rider to the bike. 

Bike fit professionals worldwide have accepted dynamic fitting as the preferred method which is why Now Bikes has chosen the Guru Dynamic Bike Fit system. Dynamic Fit systems begin with a rider interview and consider position, spin and power.

With the GURU Experience it’s all about precision, comfort and performance. All adjustments to the bike are done seamlessly. The rider never even stops pedaling. The fit position is recorded with a computer and the adjustments are made electronically with the touch of a button. With the GURU Experience, all previous positions can be recorded while the rider is on the bike, allowing the rider a real-time comparison of the changes made. 

Dynamic Fitting

Improve comfort and performance on your mountain, road or gravel bike.  The $300 package starts with your current bike measurements and considers flexibility, saddle position, handlebar stack and reach as well as cleat placement.  Sign-up today and receive a $200 credit towards the purchase of a new bike. 

Triathlon/Time Trial Fitting

The $400 fitting considers all aspects of reaching your performance goals.  The dynamic adjustments of the fitting show optimum positioning for endurance and wattage output. Sign-up today and receive a $200 credit towards the purchase of a new bike.