Nutrition Tips From Sports Physiologist Dr. A'nna M. Sewall

Wondering the best ways to refuel before and after a hard cycling workout? Join us at Now Bikes in St. Paul on Wednesday, May 8 from 5:30-6:30 p.m. for a nutrition presentation from Dr. A'nna M. Sewall.

Dr. A'nna M. Sewall is the only combined PhD/RD sports physiologist in the world with all Ivy League degrees. She graduated Summa cum laude with a double major in exercise physiology and nutritional sciences from Cornell University. A'nna completed the combined PhD/ RD position at Cornell and Strong Memorial Hospital in New York. She then conducted clinical research at the National Institutes of Health in Washington, DC before starting her private practice Iron Sage Consulting.

Dr. A'nna has been invited to speak all over the world, including an address to the World Congress on Nutrition, and has multiple peer-reviewed publications. She has worked with Olympians, collegiate national champions, Ironman champions, and elite athletes to optimize performance and help them achieve what they never thought was possible.