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Fat bikes are built and designed for all sorts of trails and terrain and are great for handling loose conditions like snow, dirt and mud. Our experts at Now Bikes share five reasons why you should invest in a fat bike.

1. No end to the bike season.

A fat bike allows you to ride regardless of the weather and makes outdoor exercise possible during the winter season. You can burn up to 1,500 calories an hour on a fat bike—seriously.

2. Ride places you never thought you'd be able to pedal a bike.

Whether you're facing a snowy trail, muddy river crossing or dirt descents, the fat bike can carry you just about any place you want to go.

3. Fat bikes help you remember how to enjoy the scenery instead of staring at the trail.

Without having to worry about going at top speed, fat bikes allow you to enjoy the moment, smell the flowers, take in the view, drink a beer and have fun.

4. Feel like a kid again.

Riding a fat bike is as close to being a kid as you can get.

5. Meet new social groups.

There are tons of fat bike rides and races for every skill level all across the state of Minnesota. We offer a Sunday morning ride and a Fat Bike Race every Wednesday through the month of February.

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