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Sidi MTB Tiger

Sidi MTB Tiger
  • Color: Matte Black/Fluo Yellow
  • Color: Matte Black/Red
  • Color: Matte Black/White
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- The MTB SRS CARBON-GROUND Sole raises the standard for mountain bike performance, dropping off about 100 grams per pair compared to the previous Dragon Carbon SRS sole without sacrificing power or durability. The MTB SRS CARBON GROUND Sole consists of replaceable tread blocks in the toe and heel attached to a medium-modulus carbon sole, plus the innovative Replaceable MTB Plate, designed to prevent sole damage from pedal contact. Most Dual-Retention Bar type MTB Pedals (such as Crankbrothers and LOOK) recommend using a reinforcement plate between the cleat and the shoe in order to prevent cracking or denting the sole. The MTB Plate can be replaced in case of damage from the pedal system, so adding the weight of an aftermarket reinforcement plate is optional. The Ground SRS treads and MTB Plate are easily removable and replaceable. The MTB SRS CARBON-GROUND Sole is toe-spike compatible.

- The DOUBLE TECNO 3 PUSH SYSTEM is inserted on a single base, this speeds up wearing and taking off shoes. The central mechanism creates a perfect tension balance between the shoe’s internal and external side. The symmetrical mechanism guarantees an excellent closure adapting on every instep. An innovative button added to the monofilament buckle, if pushed, lifts the buckle to facilitate the adjustment.

- The ADJUSTABLE HEEL RETENTION DEVICE reinforces the top of the heel cup and improves the fit by closing the back of the shoe securely around the rider’s heel. The heel retention device tightens the top of the heel cup so that the heel doesn’t slide out during steep climbs or sprints. Each side of the heel can be adjusted independently, for a perfect fit. For a custom adjustment turn the screw towards the + sign to tighten the heel retention device and towards the – sign to open it. Light weight, easy to use, and replaceable. For additional security while pedaling, the new adjustable heel device is provided with reflex inserts for more visibility in dark conditions.

- Reinforced cup that stabilizes and supports the heel. Anatomically shaped plastic, reduces heel slip and provides increased power transfer. Provides additional foot protection in the event of a crash.

Clipless pedals, shoes, and cleats come in many varieties, some specific to one brand or another. If you have a favorite, you may already know what you're looking for, and what is compatible.

Want some help choosing the right pedals and/or shoes? Interested in trying something new? Contact us to ensure your shoes are compatible with your pedals, and all of it's compatible with you.

Part Numbers

Option UPC MPN Store SKU
Matte Black/Fluo Yellow / 42 08017732498137 SMS-TGR-MBFY-420
Matte Black/Fluo Yellow / 42.5 08017732498144 SMS-TGR-MBFY-425
Matte Black/Fluo Yellow / 43 08017732498151 SMS-TGR-MBFY-430
Matte Black/Fluo Yellow / 43.5 08017732498168 SMS-TGR-MBFY-435
Matte Black/Fluo Yellow / 44 08017732498175 SMS-TGR-MBFY-440
Matte Black/Fluo Yellow / 44.5 08017732498182 SMS-TGR-MBFY-445
Matte Black/Fluo Yellow / 45 08017732498199 SMS-TGR-MBFY-450
Matte Black/Fluo Yellow / 45.5 08017732498205 SMS-TGR-MBFY-455
Matte Black/Fluo Yellow / 46 08017732498212 SMS-TGR-MBFY-460
Matte Black/Red / 41 08017732498274 SMS-TGR-MBRD-410
Matte Black/Red / 41.5 08017732498281 SMS-TGR-MBRD-415
Matte Black/Red / 42 08017732498298 SMS-TGR-MBRD-420
Matte Black/Red / 42.5 08017732498304 SMS-TGR-MBRD-425
Matte Black/Red / 43 08017732498311 SMS-TGR-MBRD-430
Matte Black/Red / 43.5 08017732498328 SMS-TGR-MBRD-435
Matte Black/Red / 44 08017732498335 SMS-TGR-MBRD-440
Matte Black/Red / 44.5 08017732498342 SMS-TGR-MBRD-445
Matte Black/Red / 45 08017732498359 SMS-TGR-MBRD-450
Matte Black/Red / 45.5 08017732498366 SMS-TGR-MBRD-455
Matte Black/Red / 46 08017732498373 SMS-TGR-MBRD-460
Matte Black/Red / 46.5 08017732498380 SMS-TGR-MBRD-465
Matte Black/Red / 47 08017732498397 SMS-TGR-MBRD-470
Matte Black/Red / 48 08017732498403 SMS-TGR-MBRD-480
Matte Black/White / 40 08017732491671 SMS-TGR-WHMB-400
Matte Black/White / 40.5 08017732491688 SMS-TGR-WHMB-405
Matte Black/White / 41 08017732491695 SMS-TGR-WHMB-410
Matte Black/White / 41.5 08017732491701 SMS-TGR-WHMB-415
Matte Black/White / 42 08017732491718 SMS-TGR-WHMB-420
Matte Black/White / 42.5 08017732491725 SMS-TGR-WHMB-425
Matte Black/White / 43 08017732491732 SMS-TGR-WHMB-430
Matte Black/White / 43.5 08017732491749 SMS-TGR-WHMB-435
Matte Black/White / 44 08017732491756 SMS-TGR-WHMB-440 110725
Matte Black/White / 44.5 08017732491763 SMS-TGR-WHMB-445
Matte Black/White / 45 08017732491770 SMS-TGR-WHMB-450 210000110726
Matte Black/White / 45.5 08017732491787 SMS-TGR-WHMB-455
Matte Black/White / 46 08017732491794 SMS-TGR-WHMB-460 210000110727
Matte Black/White / 46.5 08017732491800 SMS-TGR-WHMB-465
Matte Black/White / 47 08017732491817 SMS-TGR-WHMB-470
Matte Black/White / 48 08017732491824 SMS-TGR-WHMB-480