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HED Raptor 27.5

HED Raptor 27.5
$999.99 - $1,239.99
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27.5+ is here to stay, and we’re here to dominate it.

With new bikes, new wheel sizes, and new options, every rider can have the perfect ride around their local terrain. More and more people are seeing the benefits of larger tires, and plus-size (3-inch) tires are finding a niche between fat bikes and skinny 2 - 2.5” mountain bike tires.

Since we can’t seem to do anything half way, we wanted to bring out the widest, lightest, and most durable all-carbon rim for your 27.5+ rig – the Raptor.

With a width of 45 millimeters, and an astounding rim weight of 430 grams, the Raptor will shock you with its speed. No longer must your plus-sized bike be heavy, slow, and lumbering – let the Raptor inject some True Speed into your trail ride.

We offer built wheels in four hand builds: 1) Hed Brickhouse hubs for retrofitting existing fat bikes - $2,100/pr. 2 & 3) Onyx and I9 boost hubs are also available as stock builds. Onyx - $2,280, I9 $2,225. 4) Send existing hubs for complete build is the fourth option - $1650.

Black Pillar PSR1420 spokes and alloy nipples complete the build.

Tech Notes

1. Do NOT use tire levers on Raptor carbon rims!!!

2. For all types of bicycle wheels, a hard strike on the rim is likely to result in rim damage. At the point of impact, an aluminum rim will dent, and a carbon rim may delaminate. With any such damage to a Hed wheel, our lifetime crash replacement policy enables the original owner to repair or replace the wheel at substantial savings.


Hed Raptor: Your Next Mountain Bike Wheels

Part Numbers

Option Store SKU
Boost 110MM, 28 H Centerlock I-9 Hub / Front R1F275-28
Boost 110MM, 32 H Centerlock I-9 Hub / Front R1F275-32
Boost 148MM, 28 H Ctlock I-9 Hub Shimano / Rear R1R275-28S
Boost 148MM, 28 H Ctlock I-9 Hub Sram XD / Rear R1R275-28XD
Boost 148MM, 32 H Ctlock I-9 Hub Shimano / Rear R1R275-32S
Boost 148MM, 32 H Ctlock I-9 Hub Sram / Rear R1R275-32XD