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Castelli Alpha RoS 2 Jacket

Castelli Alpha RoS 2 Jacket
  • Color: Military Green/Fiery Red-Silver Gray
  • Color: Dark Gray
  • Color: Dark Gray
  • Color: Red/Silver Reflex-Dark Gray
  • Color: Fiery Red
  • Color: Fiery Red
  • Color: Light Black
  • Color: Light Black
  • Color: Pro Red
  • Color: Pro Red
  • Color: Savile Blue
  • Color: Savile Blue
  • Color: Light Black/White-Dark Gray
  • Color: Nickel Gray/Black Reflex-Black
$195.00 - $389.99
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This jacket is exactly what we think the perfect winter jacket should be. We started with a list of things we didn't like about the current jackets and set out to solve them—and in the process make our best jacket ever.

The first issue to resolve related to moisture management. Even the best of the currently available fabrics provide a good level of breathability but can't keep up with the sweat generated during high-intensity riding. So we invented a double-layer construction that allows you to open an outer wind-protection layer while keeping the insulation layer closed and thereby allowing airflow inside the jacket to evacuate moisture while avoiding direct contact with the skin. On a long climb, we'll completely open the outer layer to allow moisture to escape, and when we start the descent we close the outer layer and are completely dry inside. It works so well that sometimes it feels like magic. New for this year is a softer, warmer 3D insulation-layer fabric that provides better warmth, moisture management, and fit.

Next, we focused on the openings: neck, waist, and, most of all, wrists. The neck comes up high and is shaped to move with you, whether you're standing or in an aero position being a January hero and attacking your mates. For the waist, we've created a stretch layer with a silicone bead that lies flat and completely seals out wind without bunching or riding up. New for this year is a brand-new double-layer wrist opening with an inner layer to go under your glove that seals tight to your wrist, and an outer layer that goes over your glove so that any rain will roll down the outside of the glove and not end up inside.

Of course, the ultimate jacket will also hold up well in wet conditions, so we used GORE-TEX INFINIUM WINDSTOPPER fabric along with waterproof seam taping on critical seams around the shoulder. Other seams are hidden out of direct water flow, and the water-repellent treatment on the fabric is sufficient to prevent most moisture from entering. We call it "essentially waterproof," using our own subjective judgment to find a balance between water protection, breathability, and comfort. It doesn't mean that no drop will ever come in, but we do longish rides in real rain and stay completely dry.

All these features make it a favorite of the Team Ineos riders, and the most versatile performance jacket for cold-weather training we've ever created.

- Rain or Shine engineering makes this our best jacket ever for dry conditions while also providing significant rain protection
- GORE-TEX INFINIUM WINDSTOPPER 150 fabric for wind protection with high breathability and effective rain protection
- Reduced seaming with seam sealing on shoulders reduces chances for water to enter through stitching
- Double-layer Alpha construction separates the insulating layer from the wind/water barrier to let you better regulate ventilation
- Water-resistant YKK Vislon zipper slides easily for better regulation of airflow
- Raw-edge waist with silicone gripper lies flat and seals out wind
- Double-layer cuff integrates with a glove to prevent cold wind or water from entering at wrist
- Stretch fabrics with advanced patterning make for an excellent close-to-body fit that still accommodates a wide range of body types
- Back ventilation
- 3 rear pockets with reflective laser-cut drain holes
- Zippered secure side pocket for valuables

Chest cm 88 92 96 100 105 110 115
Chest in 34.5 36 37.5 39 41 43 45
Waist cm 76 80 84 88 93 98 103
Waist in 30 31 33 34.5 36.5 38.5 40.5

Part Numbers

Option UPC MPN Store SKU
Brilliant Orange/Black-Pro Red / Small 08050949392836 B20502034-2
Brilliant Orange/Black-Pro Red / Medium 08050949392843 B20502034-3
Brilliant Orange/Black-Pro Red / Large 08050949392850 B20502034-4
Brilliant Orange/Black-Pro Red / X-Large 08050949392867 B20502034-5
Brilliant Orange/Black-Pro Red / XX-Large 08050949392874 B20502034-6
Brilliant Orange/Black-Pro Red / XXX-Large 08050949392881 B20502034-7
Dark Gray / Small 08050949222096 B20502030-2
Dark Gray / Medium 08050949222102 B20502030-3
Dark Gray / Large 08050949222119 B20502030-4
Dark Gray / X-Large 08050949222126 B20502030-5
Dark Gray / XX-Large 08050949222133 B20502030-6
Dark Gray / XXX-Large 08050949222140 B20502030-7
Fiery Red / Small 08050949222331 B20502656-2
Red/Silver Reflex-Dark Gray / Small 08050949723494 B20502023-2
Fiery Red / Medium 08050949222348 B20502656-3
Red/Silver Reflex-Dark Gray / Medium 08050949723500 B20502023-3
Fiery Red / Large 08050949196571 B20502656-4
Red/Silver Reflex-Dark Gray / Large 08050949723517 B20502023-4
Fiery Red / X-Large 08050949222355 B20502656-5
Red/Silver Reflex-Dark Gray / X-Large 08050949723524 B20502023-5
Fiery Red / XX-Large 08050949222362 B20502656-6
Red/Silver Reflex-Dark Gray / XX-Large 08050949723531 B20502023-6
Fiery Red / XXX-Large 08050949222379 B20502656-7
Red/Silver Reflex-Dark Gray / XXX-Large 08050949723548 B20502023-7
Light Black / Small 08050949222157 B20502085-2
Light Black / Medium 08050949222164 B20502085-3
Light Black / Large 08050949222171 B20502085-4
Light Black / X-Large 08050949222188 B20502085-5
Light Black / XX-Large 08050949222195 B20502085-6
Light Black / XXX-Large 08050949222201 B20502085-7
Military Green/Fiery Red-Silver Gray / Small 08050949392898 B20502075-2
Military Green/Fiery Red-Silver Gray / Medium 08050949392904 B20502075-3
Military Green/Fiery Red-Silver Gray / Large 08050949384954 B20502075-4 210000140299
Military Green/Fiery Red-Silver Gray / X-Large 08050949392911 B20502075-5 210000140300
Military Green/Fiery Red-Silver Gray / XX-Large 08050949392928 B20502075-6 210000140301
Military Green/Fiery Red-Silver Gray / XXX-Large 08050949392935 B20502075-7
Pro Red / Small 08050949222270 B20502622-2
Electric Lime/Dark Gray-Dark Gray / Small 08050949723692 B20502383-2
Pro Red / Medium 08050949222287 B20502622-3
Electric Lime/Dark Gray-Dark Gray / Medium 08050949723708 B20502383-3
Pro Red / Large 08050949222294 B20502622-4
Electric Lime/Dark Gray-Dark Gray / Large 08050949723715 B20502383-4
Pro Red / X-Large 08050949222300 B20502622-5
Electric Lime/Dark Gray-Dark Gray / X-Large 08050949723722 B20502383-5
Pro Red / XX-Large 08050949222317 B20502622-6
Electric Lime/Dark Gray-Dark Gray / XX-Large 08050949723739 B20502383-6
Pro Red / XXX-Large 08050949222324 B20502622-7
Electric Lime/Dark Gray-Dark Gray / XXX-Large 08050949723746 B20502383-7
Savile Blue / Small 08050949222218 B20502414-2
Savile Blue / Medium 08050949222225 B20502414-3
Savile Blue / Large 08050949222232 B20502414-4
Savile Blue / X-Large 08050949222249 B20502414-5
Savile Blue / XX-Large 08050949222256 B20502414-6
Savile Blue / XXX-Large 08050949222263 B20502414-7
Green Tea/Military Green-Military Green / Small 08050949723623 B20502363-2
Green Tea/Military Green-Military Green / Medium 08050949723630 B20502363-3
Green Tea/Military Green-Military Green / Large 08050949723647 B20502363-4
Green Tea/Military Green-Military Green / X-Large 08050949723654 B20502363-5
Green Tea/Military Green-Military Green / XX-Large 08050949723661 B20502363-6
Green Tea/Military Green-Military Green / XXX-Large 08050949723678 B20502363-7
Light Black/White-Dark Gray / Small 08050949723760 B20502851-2
Light Black/White-Dark Gray / Medium 08050949723777 B20502851-3
Light Black/White-Dark Gray / Large 08050949723784 B20502851-4
Light Black/White-Dark Gray / X-Large 08050949723791 B20502851-5
Light Black/White-Dark Gray / XX-Large 08050949723807 B20502851-6
Light Black/White-Dark Gray / XXX-Large 08050949723814 B20502851-7
Nickel Gray/Black Reflex-Black / Small 08050949723562 B20502064-2
Nickel Gray/Black Reflex-Black / Medium 08050949693711 B20502064-3
Nickel Gray/Black Reflex-Black / Large 08050949723579 B20502064-4
Nickel Gray/Black Reflex-Black / X-Large 08050949723586 B20502064-5
Nickel Gray/Black Reflex-Black / XX-Large 08050949723593 B20502064-6
Nickel Gray/Black Reflex-Black / XXX-Large 08050949723609 B20502064-7