Brooks Slender Leather Grips

Brooks Slender Leather Grips
  • Color: Black
  • Color: Honey
  • Color: Brown
  • Color: Aged
  • Color: Royal Blue
  • Color: Apple Green
  • Color: Red
  • Color: Olive Green
  • Color: Maroon
  • Color: Ochre
  • Color: Turquoise
  • Color: Raspberry
$89.99 - $90.00
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The Brooks Slender Leather Grips are the perfect complement to your Brooks Saddle. Just like the legendary saddles, these beauties conform to your hands for incredible comfort. Underneath the leather tape is a layer of cork to cushion your hands. Plus, the lock rings allow super-easy installation and removal. Different lengths are available for standard length grips, paired twist shifters, and single twist shifters.


Brooks Heritage, Part I

Brooks Heritage, Part II

Part Numbers

Option UPC MPN Store SKU
Aged / Long (130mm) 831273603182 BLG4A07210 52425
Aged / Short (100mm) 831273604400 BLG4A27210
Aged / Short/Long (130/100mm) 831273603229 BLG4A17210
Red / Long (130mm) 831273604608 BLG4A07216 52431
Royal Blue / Long (130mm) 831273603571 BLG4A07218
Turquoise / Long (130mm) 831273603632 BLG4A07227
Apple Green / Long (130mm) 831273603588 BLG4A07229
Black / Long (130mm) 831273601133 BLG4 A07202
Black / Short (100mm) 831273604370 BLG4A27202
Black / Short/Long (130/100mm) 831273603199 BLG4A17202
Brown / Long (130mm) 831273601157 BLG4A07205
Brown / Short (100mm) 831273604394 BLG4A27205
Brown / Short/Long (130/100mm) 831273603212 BLG4 A17205
Honey / Long (130mm) 831273601140 BLG4A07203 52427
Honey / Short (100mm) 831273604387 BLG4A27203
Honey / Short/Long (130/100mm) 831273603205 BLG4 A17203
Maroon / Long (130mm) 831273604639 BLG4A07204
Ochre / Long (130mm) 831273604622 BLG4A07247 52429
Olive Green / Long (130mm) 831273604615 BLG4A07244
Raspberry / Long (130mm) 831273603601 BLG4A07226