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3T Exploro LTD
In Cervelo’s heyday, Gerard Vroomen (co-founder) brought aerodynamics to the forefront of road cycling. Years later, Gerard is back at work (this time with 3T and OPEN) making bikes and riders faster. While true aero road bikes remain some of the most stunning examples of design to hit the road, more and more roadies are looking for additional adventure – be that rough roads normally avoided, dirt and gravel road races such as the Dirty Kanza, or challenging local singletrack otherwise limited to mountain bikes. Vroomen’s latest creation offers unprecedented wheel/tire versatility for a wide range of road conditions, in an aerodynamic frameset destined for the fastest rides. We offer this unique frameset in the form of the 3T Exploro Team Ultegra Di2 Complete Bike, ready to be built to your specifications. Following loosely in the footsteps of the OPEN Unbeaten Path U.P., the 3T Exploro features Gravel Plus technology, allowing one frameset to handle (and handle well) 700x28c road tires on Saturday, cross tires on Sunday, and big 650bx2.1? mountain bike or gravel plus tires for after-work laps on the trail. Where the Exploro differs from the Unbeaten Path is its on-road manners, where the 3T really excels. In their words, the Exploro is a mountain bike for roadies. It carves corners, handles out-of-saddle sprints, and offers unmistakable aero profiles for saving those much-needed watts. For those who want a great road bike to do group rides, gran fondos, etc, but also want to break off onto dirt and gravel, the 3T is about as good as it gets. Similar to our Open U.P. Unbeaten Path Ultegra Complete Bike, our 3T Exploro Team Ultegra Di2 Complete Bike offers a beautifully curated mix of components for those who would rather spend their days and nights riding, training, or anything-not-hand-picking parts for their dream bike. To match the sleak, aero profiles of the 3T Exploro, we’ve selected an electronic Shimano Ultegra Di2 group to handle shifting and braking (hydraulic Shimano brakes). Already a staple for cyclocross riders everywhere, we’ve chosen HED Ardennes Plus wheels, which work great for 700x28c road tires, up to 700x40c cross tires, and anything in between. Our 3T Exploro Team Ultegra Di2 Complete Bike is offered in one colorway – gloss White with Red accents. Whether you’re heading to Salt Lake City, or prefer we ship your new 3T Exploro bike to you, we’ll do a full, professional bike build, dialing in shifting and braking, truing wheels, etc. And although this is a “stock bike,” we are more than happy to discuss variations of this build (note actual bike may vary slightly from images. Please refer to tech specs listed below). If you’re unsure about sizing, give us a call during shop hours at 801.364.0344, or email us at to talk through geometry and fit.
3T Exploro LTD Force
The Exploro is designed to fit road, cross and even mountain bike tires following the GravelPlus standard. The road and cross tires are 700c, the mountain bike tires use the 650b size, ensuring that all of these have virtually the same overall wheel diameter and therefore the same predictable handling. For 700c, we recommend our 3T Discus wheels, for 650b our 3T DiscusPlus wheels.
3T Exploro Team Force
$3,999.99 $4,499.99 11% Off
Built with 3T’s Discus Plus C25 Pro wheels in 650b, the 24mm internal rims should offer plenty of support for the WTB Byway 47mm tires with OEM-only black sidewalls. The rest of the build includes a SRAM Force CX1 drivetrain with HRD brakes, a 3T cockpit with an Apto Pro stem, Superergo Pro bar, and the Exploro’s custom, elastomer-isolated seatpost with a WTB Volt saddle.
3T Exploro Team Gravel Bike Frameset
With aero frame construction becoming common and the gravel category a more legitimate category, it was only a matter of time that this mash-up of speed and dirt became a reality. Italian accessory company 3T went all in with both aerodynamics and dirt to create the Exploro Aero Team frame. The white Team version has a frame weight of 1150g and comes in 3T team white with red logos. 3T did some real testing in the wind tunnel. At speeds around 20 miles an hour there was a seven watt savings. On asphalt sections when you’re rolling at 30 miles per hour 3T claims it will save you 24 watts versus a round tube frame. If you’re lining up at the Belgian Waffle Ride, the Dirty Kanza 200, or that epic all-day gravel adventure, those watts saved are a bonus.
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