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Our customers and friends Colleen, Lisa, and Susie made a trip out to Lyons, Colorado for the Old Man Winter Rally held on Feb. 11 and were kind enough to share their experience with us.

The Old Man Winter Rally is a run and/or ride on Colorado’s best mixed terrain. Riders choose 50km or 100km of dirt, snow, sweat, and beer rolling through the world-famous cycling mecca of Boulder County.

Runners crush the 5.4-mile run course, a fast, flat “Best of Lyons” tour, that integrates singletrack trails, red rock canyon, and gravel paths.

Colleen, Susie, and I made the trip out to Colorado with our Now Bike's indoor cycling coach Jill for some high elevation altitude training! The rally was held in Lyons, Colo. which is at 5,371 ft elevation.

Colleen and I rode fullies on the 50km gravel course and Jill rode her fatty on the 100km course.

It had snowed the night before and the above freezing temperatures for race day served up a very muddy course! Overall, it was a fun course and a great post-race party!

After the ride, we headed out to Leadville, Colo. (elevation 10,152ft) for some real altitude training and stayed at Coach Jill's spectacular mountain retreat where we fat biked the beautiful trails and walked the snow covered roads.

Coach Jill's hospitality was amazing and the overall experience left us asking "when are we going to do it again"?