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Zwift Into High Gear!

If you’ve ever been interested in virtual riding, this is for you. We will be hosting weekly weekend Zwift races at our Arden Hills location! One race on Saturday, one race on Sunday. All you need to do is provide your bike. We provide the trainers, Zwift accounts, and heckling if you can handle it! Don’t let the name scare you away though, while we will be participating in a zwift “race”, this is meant to be a good time for anyone who is interested. Nobody will be dropping you to ride home on your own, we’ll all be in the same space together!


What is Zwift?

Zwift is an online riding world that you can connect to your smart trainer for a personalized virtual riding experience. Within Zwift are group rides and races that you can simply show up for to participate, no racing license or fee required! We have four Zwift stations available for weekly races that we will be filling every week. But there’s a fifth trainer station set up, who might that be for?

The Rider to Beat

You’ve heard them talking smack from the back of the spin room, but now it’s time to put them to the test. Come and race against your favorite Now staff members! Each race we will have a different staff member as the “rider to beat”. Check the schedule to see who you want to duke it out against!

Race Schedule

  • Saturday, February 1st 11:20am  -  Stefan Turner
  • Sunday, February 2nd 2:15pm  - Paul Himmelman
  • Saturday, February 8th 11:20am  -  Ryan Saathoff
  • Sunday, February 9th 2:15pm  -  Sam Morgen
  • Saturday, February 15th 11:20am  -  Laurie Feist
  • Sunday, February 16th 2:15pm  -  Mike "Bustin' Loose" Johnson
  • Saturday, February 22nd 11:20am  -  Jeremi Smith
  • Sunday, February 23rd 2:15pm  -  TBD


Did we just say prizes? Yes! All racers in attendance at the store will receive door prizes!

Reserve Your Spot at the Starting Line NOW!

Space is limited for these weekly rides, so call to reserve your spot! 651-490-7709

Setup and warm-up 30 minutes to 45 minutes before the start of the race.

More Info

We have two Zwift races that we’ve selected for our events. If you have your own Zwift account and want to participate from the comfort of your own pain cave, we’re happy to have you! The two races we will be doing are Greater London Flat and Watopia’s Waistband. A brief overview can be found in the images below.