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Introducing the Pinarello Grevil F: Full Gas Everywhere

This isn't gravel. This is Grevil.

The original GREVIL shook up the gravel world back in 2018 by creating an entirely new segment: Competitive Gravel.
Pinarello introduced a bike, packed with Pinarello DNA, into a market that was saturated by one kind of gravel bike, and in
the process proved that to go off-road you didn’t need to slow down.

Other manufacturers saw gravel bikes the same way and designed them with extreme comfort and load capacity
in mind. Pinarello challenged that thinking with a different vision for gravel, introducing a bike that was devoted to pure
performance, with an unmistakably Pinarello design.

Full gas. Everywhere.

When designing a road bike, Pinarello has always believed that aerodynamics, weight, geometry, tube thicknesses, and the
choice of carbon, all have a vital role to play in creating the perfect bicycle. Striking that balance is an art form that
they’ve perfected over the years, and it’s why they’ve never made distinctions on the road between aero and lightweight

For gravel, Pinarello has taken the same approach. The new GREVIL F is 100% competition, wherever you want to go.

The GREVIL F is a pure declaration of the Pinarello philosophy, combining all of their experience, taste, and skill to
design a truly unique gravel bike that is perfect on every kind of terrain, and one that still feels like a purebred race
machine long after has left the tarmac behind.

For this latest version of the GREVIL, Pinarello worked hard to create a true competition bike, improving its aerodynamic
performance while also increasing the bike’s versatility.

Pinarello's TICR system – Total Internal Cable Routing – improves the GREVIL F’s aerodynamic profile, while additional
features such as the flat back profile on the downtube help to reduce drag and offer significant watt savings over
the typical distances covered in gravel events which often exceed 200km, with speeds reaching 70km/h and hourly
averages exceeding 30km/h, every watt saved brings us a little bit closer to victory.

And to make the GREVIL F even more adaptable than its predecessor, they've increased tire clearance to 50mm (on
700c wheels) to allow riders the maximum amount of versatility as they tackle an ever more diverse and complex
range of terrain.

TICR (Total Internal Cable Routing) for maximum aerodynamic benefit.

Assymetrical design lies at the center of the Pinarello design philosophy.

8% stiffer at the bottom bracket compared to the 2018 Grevil.

The right chain stay is rotated downwards, as is the right seat stay, to have both rear triangles symmetrical with a uniform response to pedal strokes. Different connection points for the seat stays allows the seat tube to absorb impacts coming from the rear wheel in a more uniform way.

Each Pinarello is conceived with the same irrefutable starting point: asymmetry. This is their core construction philosophy. Why? Because the forces exerted on a bike are asymmetrical. Your legs push both pedals, but the chain acts ONLY ON THE RIGHT SIDE. It is therefore obvious that a frame must be ASYMMETRIC to allow you to pedal in a truly SYMMETRICAL manner.

The GREVIL F fork features Pinarello's unique “wave” design, with a dedicated 50mm rake to provide the perfect solution for gravel racing. It offers excellent vibration dampening while still being extremely lightweight, and without the inevitable power losses that are caused by the insertion of shock absorbing elements.

Iceland Black

Radiant Aura


As one of a very few hand selected dealers to carry the all-new Grevil F, we're excited to share it with you.  Inventory is extremely limited, but we're happy to discuss stock and custom build options, so stop by to chat and see the bike in person.

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