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One thing you’re sure to notice when you walk into our shop is the wide assortment of brands that we carry. It’s something that we take great pride in. We want to offer our customers with the ultimate bike shopping experience; getting to see, touch, and ride a variety of bikes before choosing their perfect ride. But we don’t carry such a broad range purely for variety’s sake. We do it because we see something unique in each brand that we know will make it someone’s absolute perfect bike. That’s why we’re excited to introduce you to the newest brand in our lineup: Argon 18.

We’ve established ourselves as the Twin Cities premier triathlon shop, and for good reason. We carry two of the most dominant brands in the business (Cervelo & Felt) and offer premium fit services to match the quality of the bikes we sell. Argon 18 fits (excuse the pun) right in with our “fit first” mentality. From a geometry standpoint, Argon 18 is a bike fitters dream. They offer tons of room for adjustment so that riders of all sizes and proportions can comfortably enjoy their bike. This doesn’t just apply to their tri bikes though, as we’ll also be carrying the Krypton, Argon 18’s endurance road bike. A tall stack height and short reach means this bike will fit more riders, ultimately getting more people out on the roads.

The E-117 Tri Disc

For many, the E-117 Tri Disc is the obvious choice for their first dedicated triathlon bike. And since aspiring triathletes don’t always come from a cycling background, disc brakes provide increased confidence as they dial-in their TT position. The E-117 Tri Disc will also prove to be a great choice for more experienced triathletes eager to own a reasonably priced triathlon bike, which they can build up by investing in race-day spec of their choice, such as high-end carbon wheels.

The E-117 Tri Disc is ideal for the committed age-grouper with a serious PB goal who wants the ultimate in handling and confidence.

The E-118 Tri+

At 250g lighter than the previous-generation E-118Next and equipped with discs, the E-118 Tri+ combines the razor-sharp handling and aerodynamic performance of a TT champion with tri-specific fit and functionality. Using Notio for Argon 18's racecourse and velodrome testing has shown a gain of 8 to 10 watts at 50km/h over the E-118Next. With new geometry to achieve a significantly lower front profile, the E-118 Tri+'s updated Oneness system offers a bar/stem system with armrest stack 2cm lower and grip position 4cm lower than the E-118Next. This allows athletes to achieve a low, aggressive position, and for smaller riders to find their perfect fit.

The E-118 Tri+ is ideal for those looking for an aggressive position, highly responsive handling for extremely technical courses, or a versatile bike for both TT and Tri.

The Krypton

Argon 18's Topological Compliance System gives you a frame that matches comfort with the stiffness needed for solid climbing, sprinting, and endless-mile-busting. This is the bike that Peloton Magazine says is: "equipped perfectly as a long miles campaigner, with plenty of performance on the hypoxic edge for the screaming fast club ride… under big watts is among the stiffest endurance bikes we’ve ridden.”

The Krypton is ideal for Gran Fondos or weekend epics. This bike is ready for all weather, all roads and all challenges. Meant for cyclists who want to ride, ride, ride, and ride.

As you can see, there's lots to be excited about. Want to see what all the hype is about? Stop by our shop to see Argon 18 in person. You won't be disappointed.

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