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We know how hard holiday shopping can be, but that's especially true for cyclists. We have a tendency to buy first and think second. So what DO you get for that person who always has to have the hottest, newest, and fastest goodies? That's where we come in. We've compiled a list of some of our favorite accessories that are sure to make the cyclist in your life eager to get out and ride. So check it out, shop around, give us a call, and stop by. We're ready to help you nail your holiday shopping this year.

Spurcycle Bells

Bells and the holidays, they just go together. And trust us, there are lots of bells out there, but there is nothing quite as beautiful and sophisticated as the Spurcycle Bell. They are hand built and designed to last, just like the pitch perfect ring they resonate.

Silca Bottle Cages

Bikes and their components have been built by just about every material found on earth, but two have risen to the top: Carbon and titanium. Whether you're looking for the unrivaled performance of carbon, or the timeless aesthetic of titanium, Silca has you covered with two beautiful cages to choose from. If you're looking for a unique and beautiful gift, Silca also makes some of the most eye-catching tools, packs, and pumps on the market today.

Wahoo Elemnt Roam

We've been working with Wahoo from day one when they first released their Kickr V1 smart trainer, and the company has done nothing but impress. For the wattage calculating, mileage cranking, sun-up to sun-down riding cycling data junky in your life, this is the must have companion for any ride. The Elemnt Roam is our number one pick, but Wahoo has a fleet of cycling computers and bundles to help you find your next best ride.

Enve SES Road Tires

Appropriately named, a set of Enve wheels is sure to make you the envy of any group ride. They've made a name for themselves putting out some of the highest quality wheels hand built right here in the US. Now you can ride Enve on Enve with the SES road tire. These tires come in a wide variety of widths so you can find the perfect balance of weight, comfort, and speed. And you don't have to sacrifice looks either, as you can pick up a set of these tires in modern black, or classic tan side walls.

Smith Glasses

Make the switch to Smith Optics and you'll find that the grass actually IS greener on the other side. Smith's ChromaPop technology enhances the world around you by clearly separating different wavelengths of light to create a crisper, more vivid landscape. Available in both sport and lifestyle frames, you can enjoy the greener grass whether you're riding or relaxing.

CeramicSpeed Upgrade

There's one thing cyclists care more about than saving money, and that's saving watts. A full CeramicSpeed kit improves your bike's efficiency by up to 16 watts. There are few places where the benefits are this measurable and instantaneous. And yes, you can have your cake and make it last too. Ceramic bearings boast a significant increase in durability meaning your bike spends less time in the shop, and more time under you. Start with wheel bearings for the biggest watt savings, or your bottom bracket for maximum durability where you need it. Once you go ceramic there's no going back.

Wahoo & Garmin Watches

Garmin has been the only game in town when it comes to high-end smart watches, but look out, because here comes the Wahoo Elemnt Rival. The Rival is Wahoo's first dive into the smart watch market, and to no one's surprise it's already getting rave reviews. Designed with the multi-sport athlete in mind, the Wahoo Rival and Garmin Forerunner are sure to be at the top of any triathlete's holiday shopping podium.

MSW & Cateye Cycling Computers

While data, graphs, and charts can be helpful for training, a ride can really be broken down to two variables: Distance and time. How far and how long you've been riding. The MSW Miniac and Cateye Padrone are two of our favorites. Enjoy the satisfaction of watching the miles tick by with either of these entry level cycling computers.

Now Bikes Gift Card

Still not sure what to get for the cyclist in your life after reading our guide? Here's your out! Besides, what's better than the gift of choice? This guide only scratches the surface of the amazing products we offer, so give them what they really want: another excuse to visit their favorite bike shop.