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Gravel Bikes


Open continues to raise the bar on how far you can take a road bike off road and still have an agile, fast rolling, rollicking good ride. Ultimately, Open has created what the gravel category should aspire to: exceptional comfort and unparalleled versatility. With an innovative frame concept, smart details, and light weight, despite the mountain bike tires, you feel like you’re riding a road bike.

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For 50 years, 3T Cycling has been producing high quality, high-performance components for the elite riders of the peloton. 3T Bikes feature next-level aerodynamics that seek to reinvent what a road bike is thought to be capable of. Fast on any surface; paved, gravel and singletrack. 


All roads are not created the same. Some are paved, some are not. Some are maintained, while others are wild and overgrown. But all roads are beautiful and deserve to be ridden! Otso makes super versatile all-road bikes. Every model is designed for maximum tire clearance and features the patent-pending Tuning Chip™ from Wolf Tooth Components.


Pinarello presents itself for the first time in the Gravel world and does it in a revolutionary way.

A new frame with distinctive, aggressive lines and aerodynamic details typical of the Pinarello DNA, here is GREVIL +. Designed and made to devour miles on every terrain, GREVIL + maintains the handling of Pinarello but makes versatility its strength. With GREVIL + you can go EVERYWHERE thanks to the use of different wheels able to radically change its nature.

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You could drag anchor with bags, and trailers, and enough cargo to bikepack for a couple of months—or you could find the ragged edge of your efforts on open roads and wild trails. Cervelo's gravel offering takes a page from the unapologetic speed of their race bikes.

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Gravel riding has become truly enmeshed in the psyche of cyclists. Meet URS. Probably the only bear you’ll ever want cross paths with. URS likes to roam UnReStricted to nurture its wild side. The super lightweight, race-ready frame and capable build come together with textbook BMC precision, cutting-edge integration and scrupulously developed Gravel+ geometry. Nothing grizzly about these good times.


On-road. Off-road. Any road. These bikes are built to move you beyond the paved and predictable. Built for chasing horizons, exploring routes less travelled or accelerating your commute.


We reckon that more people are discovering and enjoying their local gravel roads right now than at any other point in history. In addition to making us feel all warm and fuzzy inside, it makes announcing our latest gravel lineup even sweeter. Warbird and Stormchaser are back this year with new colors and build options. They may be two different bikes but they share a common goal: opening up new roads.


Say hello gravel and adventure bikes. If you want the most capable companion at your side—one that’s up for everything from smooth roads to dirt paths, backcountry trails to rolling countryside thoroughfares—know that gravel bikes offer the most versatility of any drop-bar bike, bar none. Gravel and adventure bikes need to be durable to handle the rougher terrain and riding surfaces you’ll encounter.

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Ride faster and smoother on roads, gravel and dirt. These gravel bikes for men feature lightweight frames with endurance geometry and generous tire clearance. Whether you’re racing a gravel grinder or exploring backcountry roads, we have the perfect gravel endurance bike to ride variable terrain.