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Electric Bikes


Electric bicycles are here to stay. You’ve no doubt seen people riding by on electric bikes of all shapes, colors, sizes, and styles. Join the fun with an electric bicycle from Gazelle! A wide range of pedal-assist models means that you’re sure to find the right bike for you. Commute to work, run errands, ride for fun or fitness, and explore the world around you. With the extra boost from your Gazelle electric bike, no ride is too far. In fact, you may just find yourself taking the long way on purpose.


The power for more - more rides, more speed, more distance, more fun. Cannondale e-bikes are easy to live with, easy to ride further and faster, and they can make your life better all round.

This is just like riding a bicycle, only even better – with an electric-bike you have a battery-powered motor to assist you along the way. You can ride further, you can travel faster, you can enjoy your journeys more – simply set the motor to enhance your pedal-power, and it’ll help you with every pedal of every ride.


Gain was designed to improve your rides, not dominate them. The 'Enough Power' concept results in an exceptionally lightweight, sportive and rideable bike – a machine that heeds the call of the open road.

Every drop of sweat, every pedal stroke ignites the Gain so you can add more kilometers. Its seamless and integrated interfaces are modern and intuitive. The bike is designed to enhance your experience by minimizing distractions so it's just you, Gain and hours of road ahead.


This is a whole new experience in urban mobility. Momentum bikes make it easy to enjoy cycling as part of an active, healthy and fun lifestyle. Featuring a SyncDrive Life motor and an integrated battery pack, it gives you a seamless boost of pedaling power so you can ride farther and faster with less effort. You can choose lower support modes for fitness rides, or more support when you want to get across town without breaking a sweat.


Many of us are familiar with Pinarello as the brand of bikes that Team Sky powers to some of the most prestigious road race victories on the calendar. We marvel at how quickly the pros are able to ride their bikes and appear nearly tireless during the longest stage races and often wonder what that sensation would feel like. What if we told you an eRoad Bike from Pinarello allowed you to do just that? Whether you're just getting into road cycling and you'd like to keep up with your buddies, wonder how much more you'd commute with electric assist, or maybe you have a health condition and want to ride just as fast and as far as you used to, electric assist can help.


With a fully-integrated Shimano STEPS drive system, Norco E-Bikes cover more terrain, quicker while powering up climbs sending-it off jumps and charging down rowdy descents. Get the very best with Norco’s legendary descending capability and quick, confident climbing with an award-winning electric kick.