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This past weekend Sam and Ambrose, along with friends of the shop Brandon, Rob, and Andy set out to ride the Duluth Traverse trail. Duluth offers nearly 100 miles of mountain bike singletrack trails across six different trail systems nestled along the Lake Superior hillside. Connecting those trail systems is the Duluth Traverse, a forty-three mile long trek that winds its way along the hillside from the St. Louis river to the Lester river.

The Traverse has a little bit of everything, from long flowy downhills, rocky technical features, and isolated gravel roads through the woods. All in all the route amounts to 4,000 feet of climbing (and descending, thankfully), leading to some spectacular views of Lake Superior and the city of Duluth.

After seven hours of climbing, descending, cramping, and thankfully only one minor crash, they completed their journey. It was an epic all-day adventure that came to a finish just as the sun set behind the hillside, the perfect ending to an unforgettable day of riding.