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Comparing Wahoo KICKR Move, V6, and Core: Choosing the Right Direct Drive Smart Trainer

In the realm of smart trainers, Wahoo offers a trio of options – the KICKR, Move, and Core. Each boasting distinct features and functionalities, this article delves into the details to help you make an informed decision on the ideal unit for your cycling needs.

Wahoo's KICKR series comprises the KICKR Move, KICKR V6, and KICKR Core, catering to different preferences and budgets. The pricing ranges from $499.99 for the KICKR Core, $999.99 for the KICKR V6, to the premium KICKR Move at $1449.99. All three trainers feature wireless connectivity, direct drive technology, and eliminate the need for a training wheel.

Wahoo KICKR Move

Wahoo KICKR V6

Wahoo KICKR Core

MSRP: $1599.99MSRP: $1299.99MSRP: $899.99
Sale Price: $1439.99Sale Price: $999.99Sale Price: $499.99
Weight: 64 lbs, 16 lb flywheelWeight: 48.5 lbs, 16 lb flywheelWeight: 40 lbs, 12 lb flywheel
Max watts: 2200 wattsMax watts: 2200 wattsMax watts: 1800 watts
Simulated gradient: 20% (with adapter)
Simulated gradient: 20%
Simulated gradient: 16%
Accuracy: 1%Accuracy: 1%Accuracy: 2%
Wireless ConnectivityWireless Connectivity
Wireless Connectivity
Cassette IncludedCassette IncludedCassette Not Included
Fore/aft movementNo Fore/aft MovementNo Fore/aft Movement
Side-to-side movementSide-to-side Movement
No Side-to-side Movement
Folding FrameFolding FrameNo Folding Frame
Leveling FeetLeveling FeetNo Leveling Feet

Smart Trainer Technology

Direct drive trainers, like those in the Wahoo KICKR series, provide a realistic ride feel compared to traditional wheel-on trainers. Notably, the KICKR Move introduces dual-axis movement, enhancing the riding experience with forward/backward and side-to-side motion. This innovation promotes a more comfortable ride while engaging key muscle groups, simulating real-world cycling conditions.

Flywheel Size Matters

The flywheel size directly influences the road feel and maximum watts resistance. The KICKR Move and KICKR V6, with larger flywheels, offer an impressive 2200 watts of resistance at 1% accuracy. In contrast, the KICKR Core provides 1800 watts at 2% accuracy, making it suitable for most riders, though strong sprinters might find it limiting.

Size and Setup

The KICKR V6 and Move stand out for their design, ergonomics, and easy storage. With foldable legs, they require no assembly out of the box. The KICKR Core, while lighter due to a smaller flywheel, demands some assembly and lacks the compactness of its counterparts. In addition, the KICKR V6 and Move feature a handle for easy transportation, while the Core has no handle making it slightly more awkward to maneuver. Lastly, the V6 and Move have adjustable feet to easily level your trainer on any surface, while the Core does not and requires a smooth, level surface.

Unified Features

All KICKR models share a silent ribbed belt design, making them virtually noiseless. Additionally, they are compatible with Wahoo’s Headwind and Climb accessories, providing a comprehensive indoor cycling experience.

Choosing the Right KICKR

  • The KICKR V6 remains a top choice, offering a sharpened feel, large flywheel, and AXIS feet for enhanced movement.

  • The KICKR Move suits riders seeking a dynamic, body-engaging experience with its dual-axis movement, making it ideal for those accustomed to roller training, and those seeking the most comfortable indoor training experience.

  • The KICKR Core is a cost-effective option with a decent flywheel, suitable for newcomers to indoor training or those not requiring frequent unit movement.


Whether you prioritize advanced features, dynamic movement, or budget-friendly options, Wahoo's KICKR series caters to a diverse range of cyclists. Consider your specific needs and preferences to choose the perfect smart trainer for your indoor cycling journey. Still have questions? Or want to hop on a Wahoo trainer and see what it's all about? Stop by either of our two convenient locations and we'll be happy to help.