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Unveiling the Cervélo Rouvida: Elevating the eBike Experience

Prepare to embark on a journey into the future of cycling as Cervélo unveils its groundbreaking creation – the Cervélo Rouvida. In a bold move into the world of electric bikes, Cervélo promises an unparalleled cycling experience, seamlessly blending road and gravel capabilities. Now Bikes is excited to delve deeper into the intricacies of this cutting-edge eBike, exploring its design, technology, and the myriad possibilities it offers to riders.

Fazua Ride 60 Motor Excellence

Powering the Cervélo Rouvida is the Fazua Ride 60 motor, a technological marvel fine-tuned to Cervélo's exacting specifications. Renowned for seamlessly blending with the rider's pedaling input, the Ride 60 provides an electric boost that mirrors the natural feel of analog biking. What sets the Rouvida apart is the Cervélo design team's tweaks to the motor, infusing it with the distinct Cervélo flavor while maintaining aerodynamics. The wind tunnel-proven vertical battery orientation not only enhances aerodynamics but also contributes to the bike's sleek aesthetic.

Adaptive Geometry Redefined

At the heart of the Cervélo Rouvida is the innovative interchangeable dropout design, allowing riders to effortlessly switch between road and gravel configurations. This isn't just a minor adjustment; it's a transformative feature. These dropouts don't merely tweak the fit; they redefine the entire frame's orientation, offering riders the ability to tailor their experience based on terrain and preference. The $80 investment for aftermarket dropouts from Cervélo is a small price to pay for such adaptability.

Versatile Geometry Specifications

The adaptability of the Rouvida extends beyond its interchangeable dropouts, shaping its geometry to suit the demands of both road and gravel terrains. With a 0.7° slacker head tube angle for gravel off-road handling, increased trail, and enhanced tire clearance, the Rouvida guarantees stability and comfort regardless of the terrain. The stack and reach adjustments further ensure a tailored fit for riders seeking the perfect balance between aggression and comfort.

Road Control for Intuitive Riding

Cervélo introduces Road Control, a proprietary setup that places power and assistance control at the rider's fingertips. The top tube's indicator panel not only displays crucial information about the ride but also includes a USB charging port. This innovative feature enables riders to harness the Rouvida's extra battery life to power lights or accessories, ensuring a connected and charged riding experience.

Class Leading Performance

The Rouvida is offered in the United States as a Class 3 eBike. The Fazua Ride 60 offers a max assisted speed of 28mph, a 450W max power, and a 430Wh max battery capacity. The Rouvida not only promises thrilling speeds but does so while adhering to regional regulations.

Tailored Build Options

Cervélo caters to a variety of preferences with four distinct build options for the Rouvida. The flagship Rouvida Road model boasts a SRAM Red AXS XPLR groupset, Reserve 44 wheels, and Vittoria NEXT tires. Meanwhile, the Rouvida Gravel models offer options like the SRAM Force AXS XPLR setup or the Shimano GRX 12-speed setup, ensuring a perfect blend of performance and durability.

Pricing Options for Every Rider

The Cervélo Rouvida comes with a range of pricing options, ensuring that riders can find the model that not only suits their preferences but also aligns with their budget. From the top-tier SRAM Red build at $13,000 to the entry-level Shimano GRX build at $6,200, Cervélo offers a Rouvida for every rider, making this groundbreaking eBike accessible to all.


The Cervélo Rouvida is more than just an eBike; it's a testament to Cervélo's commitment to pushing the boundaries of cycling innovation. As your trusted cycling partner, Now Bikes invites you to experience the versatility, power, and style that define the Rouvida. Embrace the future of eBiking and elevate your riding adventures with the Cervélo Rouvida – now available at Now Bikes, where innovation and passion collide for the ultimate cycling experience.