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Paul - President

Jeff - Store Manager

Jeff started riding and racing bikes when they were running 6 speed cassettes. He was sucked into this life deeper when he started leading rides and designing custom kits for the shop in 2010. Jeff formally joined the NOW staff in 2012 (because he was around anyway). Originally hired to do internet and marketing, he instead wears many hats (usually French driving caps). He builds the floor fixtures, begs the employees to better manage inventory, buys the goods and crashes really high-end bikes almost yearly. If you’ve ridden any of the local rides, you probably remember him for his really poor sense of humor. He’s capable of riding down hills at 60 mph+ and up them at 2 mph-. He’s currently working on “Comeback #3”. He leads our Wednesday Night, OMR ride and SMR rides.

Jeremi - Senior Sales

Jeremi brings a smile to your bike experience. On the sales floor, his personal touch and fun attitude is contagious. Join him on his weekly Friday Night mountain bike ride where you’ll hear him shouting words of encouragement to his crew ("Hey Steveo, look out your window, get on your bike and follow me, we are Now Bikes Company!!!") Away from his NOW family, he enjoys spending time with his wife and two children. They enjoy biking, sports, and family trips. If you want to know how he captured lightning in a bottle…. Look no further than his son Marshall.

Mike - Sales/Triathlon Specialist

Originally from southern Wisconsin, Mike earned a bachelor and master's degree in education and spent 8 years teaching physical education, health, and adaptive PE. He also coached cross country and track & field. During this time, he was also able to land a job at the local bike shop working as a mechanic during the summer months and coaching winter cycling classes. He's competed in events ranging from track & field, to endurance mountain biking, to IRONMAN Triathlon. With his coaching and education background, it was only natural to want to work with others to achieve their goals, so he founded Treis Athlos Coaching, with the motto First Step to Finish where he serves as owner and head coach. Upon making the decision to leave teaching, he and his family moved to the Minneapolis area so he could make his hobby his career, which is how he came to be at NOW Bikes. While he works primarily in sales and bike fitting, you can also find him coaching winter classes or even turning a wrench on occasion.

Ryan - Service Manager

Ryan (Curly) started working in the cycling industry when he was 16 and he's committed more than half of his life to repairing bicycles. Over the years, he's attended the Barnett Bicycle Institute and Trek University, becoming a USA Cycling Race Mechanic, S-TEC certified and Bosch Electric bike certified. Every year he learns more and more about these wonderful machines. There is always something new. Curly is the Service Manager at our Arden Hills location and leads the Fat Bike Rides on Sunday mornings.

Stefan - Technician

A Wisconsin native, Stefan has spent 10 years working in bike shops. At NOW, he is famous for his gnarly beard and fixing bikes like a master. He rides both mountain and fat bikes. His MTB of choice is a Santa Cruz Chameleon. In his free time, Stefan enjoys fishing, grilling and riding his bike off sweet and spicy jumps.