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Our Favorite Products of 2021

As we wrap up 2021 we wanted to take a look back at the year and highlight a few of our favorite products. The bike industry is known for coming out with all sorts of new tech and gadgets each year, and it can be hard to tell if something is gimmicky or provides a noticeable improvement on your riding experience. We've put together this list of our favorite products that we've ridden and loved for you so you don't have to second guess your purchase.

Wahoo Kickr Climb

Wahoo Kickr Climb & HED Vanquish Wheels

“Thought it was going to be super gimmicky and was expecting a pretty blah change to Zwifting, but I love it!  It forces position changes and replicates a huge range of climbing scenarios”

“A close second would be my HED Vanquish wheels I had on my Warroad. Super comfy while still providing a very high performance ride.”

-Mike Bieber

SRAM Eagle Axs

Sram Eagle AXS Shifting

“It’s on the cutting edge of tech, shifts perfectly every time, and as a mechanic, it’s super easy to install and work on.”

-Doug Harvey

Waterproof Socks

Giro Xnetic H2O Socks & Untapped Mapleaid Ginger Drink Mix

“Instead of pulling a bootie over my shoes or switching to a light shoulder season boot these waterproof sock keep my feet warm and dry without the excessive bulk.”

“I like to heat my Mapleaid Ginger mix up and store it in a thermos for a nice warm beverage both during and post ride. The ginger flavor is very refreshing and soothing, especially on cold fat bike rides.”

-Ryan Horkey

Garmin Varia Tail Light

Garmin Varia Tail Light

“I really found the Garmin Varia to be a great riding tool.  It worked really well in group rides and in gravel rides, and gives you a visual of cars approaching on your Wahoo or Garmin cycling computer. I originally thought it was just monkey business gadgetry but really found it to be nice tech for all cyclists.”

-Jeff Hagen

Wolftooth Pack Pliers & Mega Fat Paw Grips

"Wolf Tooth makes a wide array of parts and accessories for your bike. I've really enjoyed the Mega Fat Paw Grips.  They provide a high level of comfort that makes my rigid fat bike more comfortable to ride. I've also had the chance to use the Wolf Tooth Pack Pliers more than a few times.  It has never failed to save the day on a busted quick link."

-Ryan Saathoff

Occam Apex Frame Strap

Occam Apex Frame Strap

“The Occam Apex Strap is easy to use, durable, versatile, and is available in multiple colors to match or accent your ride. Plus it makes your bike look way more enduro, and who doesn’t like that?”

-Sam Berglund

ENVE SES Road Tire

Enve SES Road Tire

“I had been waiting a long time to get a chance on the Enve SES tire and they were no disappointment. It is always nice to put on a brand new set of tires and take a few KOMs on their first go out and that's exactly what happened. These tires are fast, durable and grip like a vice. While I run mine with latex tubes, I've set up enough of these tubeless in the shop to know that they are also a fantastic option for anyone looking to go road-tubeless. All around a wonderful option for the racer to the roadie. And you get to say you have Enves on your bike without breaking the bank!”

-Sam Morgen

Orbea Rise

Orbea Rise

"Without a doubt my favorite product this year has been my Orbea Rise. I've been a big E-mountain biker for a few years now, and this bike is the best on the market. It's lightweight, and rides like a regular mountain bike but allows me to keep up with my friends. Plus the kids love it when I pull them around on it!"

-Rich Sherman

Stan's DART Tool

"I have sold several of the Stan's DART in the store and finally was able to put one to good use. It's the product that's not flashy, but does the job. Ryan (Service Manager) and I were out enjoying a weekly fat bike ride with the crew.  Less than 10 minutes into the ride, Ryan thought the ride was over for him.  Thanks to the Stan's DART, we were able to repair the tire that was weeping sealant in less than a minute. Stan's saved the tire and our group ride."

-Jeremi Smith

Panaracer Gravelking SS Plus Tires & ZIPP Stem Computer Mount

“My favorite items this year have been the Panaracer Gravelkin SS tire and the ZIPP integrated computer and GoPro mount. The tires are supple, efficient, and quiet in all terrain types. Until something better comes along I’ll be using this tire from here on out. And I love the ability to keep my handlebars looking clean and clutter free with the ZIPP computer mount.”

-Zach Anderson