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10 Reasons to Buy an E-Bike

There are so many benefits and reasons as to why you should buy an E-bike, and we decided to share 10 of those reasons with you!

Cannondale Quick Neo
  1. E-Bikes make pedaling easier.

Who doesn’t like riding with a tailwind pushing them along? Now imagine you always have that tailwind. That’s what riding an E-bike is like. You’re still working, but it’s way more fun.

  1. They go pretty fast… to a point.

E-bikes will assist you, but only up to a certain speed. Most E-bikes have a governor for the motor, and will stop assisting after you hit 20mph. That doesn’t mean you can’t go faster, it just means the motor won’t help beyond that point.

Gazelle E-Bikes
  1. You’ll ride a lot more, even if you already ride a lot.

With an E-bike, you’ll cover more distance, go more places, and ride more often. Going over to a friend’s house that’s up a big hill? No problem. Your cycling world will get a lot bigger with an E-bike.

  1. There’s an E-bike for everything.

E-bikes aren’t just for people riding upright cruiser bikes. There are performance E-road bikes, hefty E-cargo bikes, and shred-worthy E-mountain bikes to name a few. If you can think of a cycling discipline, there’s an E-bike for it.

Vida E-Bike
  1. They can replace driving.

Once you have a motor to help you out, it’s easier to carry groceries, commute into work, and run errands. You will find yourself reaching for your E-bike more and more often as you expand your biking network.

  1. Yes, you will get exercise

Studies have proven that riding an E-bike is just as good of a workout as riding a traditional bike. The main difference is that you cover more distance in the same amount of time. Who doesn’t want to go further and see more when they go out for a ride?

Cannondale Tesoro Neo
  1. The batteries are getting better

Technology evolves at breakneck speed, and that holds true for E-bike technology as well. Battery weights are going down, while runtime is going up. That’s good news for you since the technology has been around for a while now, and we’re entering a time when bikes can easily carry us upwards of 80 miles on a single charge. Where would you go if you could ride for 80 miles?

  1. They’re not cheap, but they can save money

Yes, E-bikes are expensive at first glance. A four figure price tag can appear daunting at first, but when you start reaching for your bike more and more you’ll save money on gas and vehicle maintenance. Not to mention the added health benefits and potentially fewer sick days from getting more exercise.

Cannondale Tesoro Neo
  1. They’re the future of transportation

A lot of companies are already jumping on board. You may have heard of Lime or Bird, the scooters that you’ve seen around your metro area. More people are seeing the benefits of having more efficient, electric transportation vehicles in densely populated metro areas. Most bike manufacturers offer some sort of E-bike now, and some automotive brands are jumping on the bandwagon as well.

  1. It’s impossible to ride one without smiling

Plain and simple, an E-bike puts a smile on everyone’s face. When you throw your leg over and push on the pedals, it feels like you’re riding a bike for the first time all over again. Stop by either of our locations to see what all the hype is about and ride the future of cycling yourself!

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