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I came to triathlon at 19 years old from a competitive running backround, thinking that if I could run a marathon, I could swim 400 yards.  I did, but it wasn't pretty and ended up with my breakfast being seen by all out on the course!
From there I made it my goal to improve and to complete an IRONMAN race.  Leading up to that first 140.6 in 2011, I qualified for the Boston Marathon, raced bicycles in road, cross, trail and tri, and continued to work on improving my swim.
I have completed IRONMAN Wisconsin twice, and more short & Olympic course tri's than I can count.  I have always been convinced that all you need is a willing spirit and a sound training plan to make it to the finish, and that all people are capable of great things!
I started coaching high school Cross Country and Track & Field in 2002, and have been coaching ever since in some manner or another.  My focus has shifted from high school athletics to Elite and Age Group endurance athletes and helping them reach their individual goals.
I look forward to continuing to grow Triathlon and Multi-sport competition in the Twin Cities area and hope to see you out there!
IRONMAN Certified Coach
BSE: Physical Education
MSE: Curriculum & Instruction

I am a middle-of-the-pack age-grouper triathlete that's been on the podium a couple of times (no one else showed up!).  I started six years ago after signing up for an indoor tri, which prompted me to learn to swim!  I was a gym rat that liked to run and take spin classes.  After an injury sidelined my running, a friend lent me a bike to use.  My first trip out on the road yielded 45 miles and included St. Croix Trail up to Afton State Park.  I had so much fun biking, I knew I had to put it all together and get into triathlons!  I have raced several sprints and Olympic distance tri's.  My interests quickly turned to long course - I've done five 70.3s and two Ironmans!

I am passionate about distance running - road and trail - I've done countless half-marathons, four marathons, a 50k and an eight-hour trail run.  My newest loves are mountain biking and fat biking!  My goal is to start racing mountain and fat, and get into the off-road tri scene!

I've had so many great people help me over the years with all things tri related (fastest way to get in/out of a wetsuit, fuel during a race, how to set up my transition spot, etc.).  I really like to answer questions, give tips and help others be successful - especially those new to the sport!