Landice Worldwide Excellence for Over 40 Years at ElliptiMill machines Spirit Fitness Elipticals at Now Bikes

The Landice E7 ElliptiMill® features the ultimate in accessibility. Just grab the handrails, step in, and start exercising with confidence. Lifetime Residential Warranty  Incorporates all technology and commercial grade components from our “Club Series” which are placed in the harshest commercial environments throughout the world.

The best way to feel the right kinetic energy is to get on a Spirit Fitness elliptical trainer and give it a workout. Spirit Fitness elliptical trainers have an integrated two-degree inward tilt to make your workout more comfortable.  Spirit Ellipticals have one of the best warranties in the industry because we have been building fitness products for over thirty years. Make sure you also check out the Spirit E-Glide (Link)